Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Christina Perri and Colbie Caillat

It's only been every week since they hit the highway, but Christina Perri and Colbie Caillat already think that sisters.

"(We) realized we're identical. That's what we keep learning," Perri says. "We'll even walk out of to meet-and-greets wearing exactly the same outfits. We have a whole lot in common, it's hilarious and quite adorable, if I do say so myself."

Best noted for hits Jar of Hearts and Bubbly, respectively, Perri and Caillat have joined for the 'Girls Night Out, Boys Can Come Too' tour, which started last week and runs for 29 more dates across North America through Aug. 30. Joining the uplifting singer-songwriters for the nearly two-month jaunt is fast-rising star (and Taylor Swift co-sign) Rachel Platten, whose Fight Song has charged to No. 8 about the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Check A thousand years sheet music.

Before showtime earlier this weekend, Perri, 28, and Caillat, 30, swept up with USA TODAY to chat their girl-powered trek:

Q. You've been on tour for every week. How's it been up to now?

C.C. It's been going great. We've been prepping to the show for which, like 4 or 5 months now? And it's finally here and everything's working together, every show gets a lot more fun. We're expected to start singing together soon, but we've not done the many girls singing together yet. Whoever's closing that night will almost certainly bring additional girls out and all of three people will perform a song.

Q. How long maybe you've known the other?

C.P. Colbie and I met in passing several times, then it was really an idea of people touring together that originated in my camp. I was also planning on what girls I wanted to tour using this type of summer. I knew I wanted to perform a girl tour, and Colbie located mind, plus Rachel, with the messages into their shows. I just liked them as people, so I thought it would be really fun to tour with him or her all summer.

Q. Do you have any backstage rituals before heading onstage?

C.P. Yeah, I have a ton. About twenty minutes before showtime, I've already went through meet-and-greet and also the glam, plus the band and I spend time. We have 5-6 songs we jam to. We get into a similar vibe, because all of us are about to go onstage together, therefore we unify energy-wise. It sounds really cheesy, however it's true. And then we go around so we stand in a Superman pose — this sounds super nerdy, but perform these breathing exercises and say slightly prayer after which do a handstand. Then I go around and hug everybody and do another handstand at the side of activity is, after which we step out. It's ostentatious.

C.C. I get super nervous. Me and Christina have pointed out this — we get somewhat stage fright, so I get calm, breathe deeply, have mellow music playing or candles to line the mood. Check sheet music, chords here.

Q. What songs take your pre-show playlist?

C.P. We have our staples. We always focus on Beyoncé's Love on Top as being the last song. The song before that may be always OneRepublic's Something I Need. And then one other three songs we style of swap out. (Lately, it's) Ariana Grande's Break Free, Runnin' Down a Dream by Tom Petty and Jealous by Nick Jonas. We really get serious.

C.C. I have Coldplay's Hurts Like Heaven playing before I go onstage knowning that gets me super amped up.

Q. It's still at the start of this tour, but what's probably the most embarrassing onstage mishaps you've ever had?

C.C. One time I was playing a show in Paris and I felt my guitar strap pop off. So I put my gain like a flamingo, and I was like, 'I'm not about to stop playing! I'm just gonna go on with the show!' So I kept using my gain and my guitar tech came to me like, 'What do you think you're doing?' And everybody's thinking about me funny, and I'm like, 'How can you not see my guitar strap just flicked off?' All of a sudden, the song's almost over, I've successfully stood such as a flamingo without interruption, and since soon as I put my leg down, I realize that my guitar strap was only stuck and it absolutely was fine the full time. That's probably considered one of my favorite mess-ups.

Q. With the tour just getting underway, how does one plan to stay healthy while on the path?

C.P. I SoulCyle. I'm merely a huge fan plus the company recognizes that, to make sure they sent me the bikes and I have these playlists from every one of the instructors, so I try and spin every single day, since it is really hard you can eat (well). I get so nervous before every demonstrate that eating (real) meals is an issue on show days, so sometimes I drink a smoothie instead. On days off, I eat cheeseburgers, and after that on show days, I'll spin and drink smoothies and fresh juices and stuff like that.

C.C. Me and Christina tend to be really healthy in this eating, so it is having numerous fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, avocados and stuff that people might imagine are boring, but it surely helps you feel great. And I usually do 30-minute jogs or navigate to the gym or carry out some sort of dance routine in this little bus.

Q. Finally, how would you like to kill time if you're traveling?

C.P. I take time to go out with my band and crew, who I've been touring with for just a really period of time. I just about spend whenever I'm not onstage or resting with these. We're very uncool. We just sit around watching Disney movies in your pajamas and glasses and pimple cream and goggles.

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